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At POLMART we are committed to provide quality professional services for domestic and commercial customers. We take pride in working with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the best job done at the right price, providing personal service and attention to detail.

When you decide to paint your property you will have already made a few important decisions. Do I need to improve the appearance of some parts of my house? Can a new coat of paint add value? An extension needs to be completed? Paint is one of the cheapest forms of home decoration. Not only does it protect your home from weathering, it beautifies and adds value. Real estate agents will tell you that a fresh coat of paint is always a significant selling advantage.

POLMART will help you choose the correct paint system to suit all surfaces and environmental conditions. Quality paints are used for durability and long term results. POLMART uses major paint manufacturers and will suggest a brand of paint to suit your surface.

Different finishes to enhance your property are a speciality that POLMART can advise you in. Some of these treatments include “Lime Wash”, a subtle mellow finish designed to age with time, which achieves an exclusive look where ready-mixed modern paints rarely produce. Interior walls can have sponging or ragging done to accomplish this result. New coats of enamel or acrylic paint will refresh interior and exterior walls. POLMART PAINTERS AND DECORATORS are able to produce all of these finishes plus many more at a price you can afford.

For most of us choosing colours is a daunting task. That’s why at POLMART we offer professional advice when matching existing colours or choosing new colour schemes. We have an extensive range of colour cards from all major paint brands in Australia. In addition, we are happy to ‘test drive’ your chosen colour scheme with paint samples before you make final decision.

When working with POLMART painters we make sure the job is done as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption to your household or business.

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